Cute as a button

A few weeks ago my mum made this gorgeous hat and some matching mary jane shoes for Amelia. She is the knitter in the family, along with my grandmother. As for I, I can only knit scarves, patterns for anything else is very much gobiligook to me. My mum has many knitting projects in line for amelia so this is one of many to come. The pattern for this particular hat

From amelia

comes from The little sublime hand knit book. There are many cute patterns in this book and if you can knit I highly recommend it.


One thought on “Cute as a button

  1. That is too cute! Then again, you could put a paper bag on Amelia’s head and she would make it look gorgeous. If your mum is the knitter, could you ask her if she knows how to crochet? Nothing fancy, just the normal single stitch. Jacq has a simple round pattern for a beanie that I’d like to try for Giles. I have the wool & the hook already but make a mess every time I try to crochet it.
    I can’t wait to see what else she comes up with….

    PS.Here is a pic of easton & her fuzzy hat.

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