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A visit to the craft fair last month resulted in the purchase of two soft toy patterns by melly and me.The first is hooty and tweet and the other is of some pussy cats. I have only managed to make tweet, whilst the others are still waiting to come to life. Amelia is a real fan of the long legs and loves to suck on the padded feet. I have to admit that my mum and I both made tweet together because she wanted to test out her new sewing machine, she used the machine and I did all the hand sewing. Using a new sewing machine is a dream in comparison to my antique bernina minimatic (believed to be about 30years old), which i inherited from my grandmother. Fortunately though, my stuck on fast speed sewing machine is retired now as I have just been given a more up marked bernina from my mother-in-law. The cot bumper is the first project being made with the new machine and so far its been great, you shall be viewing the finished product soon. 


4 thoughts on “Tweet

  1. Hey man, don’t knock the old bernina. Mine is a minimatic 707 and is 37 years old this year. It was my mums’ 21st b’day present. [sorry mum for revealing your age!] Although super basic, it chuggs along without a problem….but then it’s not stuck on supersonic speed!!!!

    I love your Tweet. Mine is still wingless, eyeless & breastless. I must finish my WIPs!! Perhaps I”ll get off the computer now and sew his poor wing on.

  2. Your Tweet is soooooo darned sweet!!!!!! We love him. We hope you enjoyed the pattern. Maybe you will let us post your photo on our blog next time we do “show and tell”?

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