Cot Bumper

From sewing

I have finally finished the main part of the cot bumper. I am still debating whether I should continue along one side of the cot but I really only needed something to stop the drafts onto Amelias little noggin because she tends to scoot up during the night. If I do decide to complete it I would simply do the same but without the applique.

Making it was so simple. I measured the cot (75cm x 51cm, our cot is a boori cot and is slightly larger) and then cut out plain white cotton fabric with a fold at the top. I then drew the butterflies onto double sided vylene cut out and ironed onto the fabric for the wings/petals and felt for the bodies/centre of flower. Using the zigzag on the machine I sewed the butterflies on.

From sewing

From there I attatched 6 cotton tape lengths (20cm) onto the back of the fabric, 4 up the top 17cm, 31cm, 45cm and 58cm, 5cm from the top of the fabric and 2 below at 17cm and 58cm.

From sewing

I then stitched around the edge leaving a 18cm gap at the bottom, turned inside out and layed it onto the wadding. I then used the bumper as a guide to cut out the wadding, rolled it tightly and inserted into the gap. With a little patience I closed the gap with a hidden stitch and then ironed the whole thing. This took out any bumps in the wadding.

Voila it is finished. It fits in nicely with the doona cover I made months ago with all my left over scraps on one side and a full length of fabric (micheal miller) on the other.

From sewing

 Update: It only took one night with the new bumper in the cot for Amelia to pull on it so much that it crumbled (being slightly long/wide did not help) and does not want to go back into original position. She has learnt that standing up in the cot is kinda cool and practices it at every chance she can get. Needless to say, with a little consultation with amber I’ve decided to put two/three? ties at the top of the bumper and attached it to the top rail of the cot, hopefully that will keep it in place. I’ll let you know.


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