Ribbon Art Tutorial

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I finally got around to going to textile traders the other day and bought some ribbon to attempt to replicate the ribbon art (i’m not sure what it is actually called?) that my grandma gave me. I have to say that once I figured it out it is really quite easy, also you dont need nimble fingers to fold the ribbon into place. So here is the tutorial for you all to try:

1. Select three different widths of ribbon (20mm, 10mm and 3mm). I used a meter of each which made a length of just over 1/2 meter. Also using double sided satin ribbon gives the best result.


2. Using a running stitch attatch the 10mm ribbon to the 20mm ribbon using thread the same colour of the 10mm ribbon.



3. Fold in 1cm on the right side, pin together and then fold in 1cm on the left and pin.



4. Lay the 3mm ribbon over the centre of the 5mm ribbon and using thread that is similar in colour to the 3mm and 20mm ribbon stitch the two edges of the fold together (I double stitched for strength). Keep the same thread going along the ribbon.


5. Repeat steps 2 and 3 right beside the first fold. In between the two folds is where you pinch the 20mm ribbon together.

6. Using the same thread (going backwards) stitch the edges of the two folds together and then bring the needle back through the centre.

7. Insert the needle into the middle top edge of the ribbon. Only go through the top layer of the ribbon, if you go through into the folded ribbon below you wont be able to bring it forward to pinch.


8. Then bring the needle down and insert into the middle bottom edge of the ribbon. Then insert the needle back through the centre of the ribbon and pull.






9. Pulling the thread through will bring the top and bottom edges together, giving that pinched appearance.

10. From here you repeat the process again, starting back at step 3. I continued using the same thread, going back and forth.

 Here is the picture of what the ribbon looks like from behind.




This is my first photo tutorial so I hope that it is easy enough to understand. If you have any problems please let me know and I will be happy to help. Also, I would love to know and see what you end up making with the ribbon art because I myself am not too sure where you could use it. For this particular one I am going to incorporate into Amelia’s softbook, how? not sure yet. I will let you know.


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