The new and improved cot bumper

From sewing

Dont know why it has taken me so long to alter the cot bumper seeing as though it only took 5 minutes to fix, but you know, these things happen. What I did was unpick all the ties on the back of the bumper and just stitch three straps on the top edge. I just tucked the bottom edge into the mattress (our mattress fits very snug into the cot) and tied the straps to the top edge of the cot.  A couple of nights have passed and she is yet to pull it down, thankgod.

She certainly looks very pleased with herself, standing up tall. The only thing now is to make a guard that goes over the side of the cot because she has now taken to putting her teeth into the wood. I remember when we were on an outing with Amber and Giles we saw this fabric slip with pockets that attatches to the edge of the cot with velcro. You could put bits and pieces into the pockets for them to pull out and play with, giving you that extra half hour sleep in. It may also stop Amelia eating the cot if it is wide enough. I’ll have to add this task into my WIP list.


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