A very funky pencil case tutorial

From sewing

From sewing

I have to say that I am really pleased with the results of this project. I had no I idea what to make for a friend’s birthday who is soon leaving to go to Japan to teach. She is limited on what she can take so I thought small but funky would do the trick, hence the pencil case that could double for a make-up case with the symbols sensei (teacher) on the back. I love it so much that I am seriously tempted to make myself one.

It took me a little time to make the front and back of the case using very cool Michael Miller fabric (seriously in love) but once thats done the putting together can be done within an hour. The inserting of the zip may seem complicated but I have to admit that it produces a neat finish and when you have done one the next will be a breeze.

Here’s the tutorial for making a very funky pencil case:

From sewing

1. Make the front and back of the case. The length and width is up to you and the size of the zip that you want to use. This one is 24cm x 15cm using a 20cm zip.

2.  Cut out two pieces of fabric the same size as the front and back. These are used as the lining. Lay the front and back, good sides together and then lay the lining over the top of the two.

3. Position the zip on the top edge of the case and place pins into the fabric to mark the start and finish of the zip. Remove the zip

4. Using the sewing machine sew to the first pin (1cm hem)(using backstich at the start and before the pin). Change the length of the stitch to the longest possible (tacking stitch) and sew to the second pin. Once at the second pin change the length of the stitch back and go forward a few stitches and then reverse the same number. Continue to the end and reverse to finish. The section in between the pins will be the opening for the zip.

 5. Iron the seams flat.

6. Place the pins back into where the zip starts and finished. Place the zip onto the fabric, lined up with the pins. Pin the zip in place.

7. Using a zipper foot start at the end of zip, sew over both sides of the zip. Keep as close to the zip as possible.

8. Turn the fabric and sew along the edge of zip.

9. When you get close to the start of the zip pull the zipper down past the foot (sometimes you may need to lift the foot up to do this). Doing this will allow you to sew in a straight line because the foot wont be obstructed by the zipper.

10. When close to the start of the zip, turn and stitch over both sides of the zip then sew along the other edge of the zip. Again you need to move the zipper past the foot so as keep a straight line.

11. Turn over and this it what it shall look like.

12. Using an unpicker, unpick the tacking stitch.

13. This is what it should look like.

14. Making sure the zip is undone place the front and back of the zip together and the lining together. Pin all of the sides together except for the long edge of the lining. Sew the three sides, 1cm seam allowance. Turn inside out but keep the lining out. 

15. Fold in the long edges of the lining and then sew the two layers together. Push the lining in and voila the case is finished.



14 thoughts on “A very funky pencil case tutorial

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  6. Wow! That was easy. I’d share this to all Mums I know. This could be a fun project for everybody. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. This is really productive.

  7. Thank you so much for this excellent tutorial. I’ve just finished making mine and it turned out really well. It was my first time sewing a zip so I’m feeling quite proud. Thanks again xxx

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