Mellebug’s soft book: tutorial

It’s finally here! The much anticipated soft book made especially for my little darling for her 1st Birthday.

From craft

I have to say that I am really chuffed at the results. I have been plugging away at this for many moons now, suffered numerous pin pricks to the fingers, cramps in the hands from the embroidery and high anxiety levels caused by the tricky art of ribbon embroidery (It was certainly a challenge). Apart from my troubles, which certainly comes hand in hand with craft/sewing, I really love the finish product and I think it’s my best work yet.

So you have seen the front cover, what about the rest of the pages. What I will do is go through each page and explain a little about what I did and then at the end I will give the tutorial on how I put the pages together.

Go here mellebug’s soft book tutorial.

Happy Birthday Amelia! I hope that you like your present.


10 thoughts on “Mellebug’s soft book: tutorial

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  3. Wow. This is truly a labour of love from a mommy to her little bug. I love it! My daughter will be turning one in about a month…. not nearly enough time gor me to 1. learn to sew and 2. create a beautiful gift. Hmmm….. maybe by the time she’s two…or three. lol

  4. I have just stumbled on your site whilst looking for tips on how to make a cot bumper for my son. It will be yet another project that I have great ideas for but never the time to get round to doing. However, having seen this AMAZING book I have just sent hubby into the loft for my machine. This is stunning, really beautiful idea for your little baby. I will be using your notes and will hopefully have something done before christmas for my little ones (perhaps shamelessly copying your sun page too…)

    Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Ahhh!! I just happened on your site & I’d love to see the tutorial for this (it looks so cute!), but it doesn’t seem to be working 😦 I’ll try again later.

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