Three little kittens lost their mittens

From sewing

These little cuties come from a pattern by Melly and me which I bought at a craft fair many moons ago. These guys are soooo easy to make which makes me wonder why I never made them earlier. Nevermind, they are here now and are destined to be snuggled and loved by three little girls. The one with the tartan dress is for my soon to be three year old cousin and has two special little features, the first being the dress is reversible and the second is the use of my familys name tartan that my grandmother bought back from scotland.

The dress in reverse.


As for the other two they are off to my neighbours little girls. The family has been very kind in giving Amelia clothes that no longer fit them so these are a thankyou to them.

 I can see that I will be making some more of these for chrissy presents, they are super easy.


2 thoughts on “Three little kittens lost their mittens

  1. Good thing spring is coming, I don’t think mittens will be needed for much longer.
    They are fantastic Bec, well done for getting them finished on time 🙂 I love the tartan dress, what a nice idea using family tartan. Was it tricky to make it reversible?

  2. Hey Bec, I love the kittens, they’re so cute!!! Aren’t the neighbours’ girls going to be excited when they get one of those?? Lucky little girls getting their own Bec Original!! Your blog is so pretty too!!! Love ya xxx

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