Rubber stamp tag

I love it!!

Dont know why I didnt think of it earlier.

In my quest to find a personalised tag for all the bit and pieces that I make I thought about getting a stamp made. Here it is….

From craft

The great thing is that it only cost 11 dollars from city rubber stamps and the black fabric ink (permaset) was only 5 dollars from Jackson art store.  The ink comes in quite a large tub, it is water soluble until you heat fix it and once this is done they say that it wont come off in a hurry. My plan is to stamp it onto either the fabric I am working with or onto bias binding (below) which will then be sewn onto the piece or put onto the side as a tag. The good thing about putting it onto a separate piece to your creation is that if it looks wrong you can do it again until you get it right.

I making some baby bibs for a friend on mine that has recently had a new addition into the family. These will be the first items that will feature my new stamp tag. It wont be long before I post them. Until then…


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