Patchwork bibs

Now I know that there is a heap of bib patterns on the net but I think that these are up their being the cutest and most fun to make. 

From sewing

Here is Amelia and her bestest buddy Giles modelling the creations (little buggers did not want to sit still for the photo shoot).

I got the idea from a Japanese craft book and I thought would be perfect presents for the up and coming additions to my family. They are quite simple to make and with a little creativity you can come up with many designs. I started with cutting a pattern from a bib I thought was a good size (I like how it covers the shoulders) and then started to sew patches together to form one big piece of fabric. I then put the pattern onto the fabric and then cut it out. I put teri-towelling on the back, along with my logo and sewed around the edges (I will put a tutorial up later).The great thing is that you can really experiment with the patchwork by sewing many pieces together and then cutting different shapes from that and also by placing the pattern on an angle to give it an even more twist.

From sewing

To see more click on the link above.



I really had fun making the different types and if anyone is interested I would be more than happy to make some for others to enjoy as well. The large bibs will cost $25 Aus dollars and the smaller bibs (pictured below) $15 Aus dollars (plus postage). You can make it your own by picking the colours and a possibly the patterns. If interested leave a comment and I will get back to you.





Here is a picture of a gift that I have put together for a friend in Esperance. I made a smaller bib that matches the toadstill fabric (beautiful Japanese fabric that is available at spotlight) and a softie mouse with a squeaker inside the tummy, very cute.

From sewing

One thought on “Patchwork bibs

  1. Ahh, look at those cuties.
    Thank you for our bib. It is almost too nice to use, but Giles has put it to the test and it holds up extremely well with his messy eating. We don’t have a bib that covers the shoulders so this one is great.
    I’ll post a photo of the one I’m making from the scrap fabric from his quilt.

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