It comes in three’s!

What a busy weekend I have had. I am now blessed with being able to sew in the evenings once Amelia is asleep for she does not wake to the whirring sounds of the machine. As well as me walking in and out of her room. It may be hard to imagine but I am living in a place where the computer come sewing room is only accessible through Amelia’s room. To compound the problem the iron does not fit and there is not enough room to cut out fabric, hence the need to walk in and out of her room from the kitchen. When she was younger it was really difficult because she would wake easily, but now all is good (better since I oiled the squeak in the door).

So after all of that what did I make???

What started out as an experiment to make a boxy zipped pouch, snowballed into the need to make a smaller shoulder bag for nappies, etc, and then followed another little pouch. It all started when I was doing the usually check on my blog stats, I know I am not the only one that feels the need to check all the time, clutching to the hope that something huge will present itself when you open the page even though you know the chances of this happening is sweet F all. Anyway, the story continues….

I discovered that I had a new referrer ( and decided to check it out, in doing this I discovered a neat tutorial for a very small boxy pouch. I decided to give it ago, but I wanted a larger version. So using the very easy instructions, some very thick interfacing and my method on inserting zips came up with this………

  From sewing

Because of its size I was a little baffled at what I could use it for. I then decided that seeing as though my nappy bag was way tooooo big for what I need I thought that I could neatly put a couple of nappies, wipes and bags in the pouch and then make a smaller tote style bag to put it into. The sizing of the pouch was 12inch x 14inch with a 10 inch zip, just big enough for…..

So back to the computer to find a tutorial for a tote style bag and came across tinyhappy who had this great alternative shoulder bag that was really very simple to make. It just looks that little be different to the usual square shaped tote bags. The instructions are easy to follow, the only things I did differently was to add another two inchs to the length and iron on thick interfacing on the bottom just to give it a little shape.


Then to finish it all off I made a little pouch for the change mat (which is just a flat bassinet mattress protector) from this gorgeous Japanese fabric and some ribbon for a little embellishment.

So now I have three little things for ME! I think the last thing that I made for me was my first nappy bag and that was a very long time ago.  So I encourage you all to stop and think about yourselves sometimes and make something just for you, perhaps a boxy pouch which could be great for your mobile phone, makeup case and lippy or for your sanitaries, or maybe the shoulder bag that can be made to be reversible.


2 thoughts on “It comes in three’s!

  1. Hi there, I just came across the tiny happy shoulder bag too, and then decided to check yours out! It looks great, and I love what you’ve done with the boxy puch… thinking I could do one of these for myself as my pram does not fit a nappy bag as its a double and the bag hangs in DDs face if I hang it! So I just plonk everything in the basket at the bottom, but it does get very mixed up – think that might be perfect for keeping the nappies in!
    I think I’ll have to look at your other stuff too. 🙂

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