Patchwork bib tutorial

Here it is, a tutorial to make bibs using patchwork. I think it gives bibs that special something, it certainly makes your little ones stand out were every s/he goes.

I again had fun making this bib (there are other designs on an older post), using gorgeous Japanese fabric suprisingly bought at Spotlight. I have not included a pattern because all you need to do is draw one from a bib that you already have. If you want the particular one I have used just leave a message and I will send one to you.


Patchwork Bib Pattern

# Had a little trouble with sizing. You need to add 1/4 inch seam allowance around the bib.

Step 1. Cut out your chosen fabric into strips of different widths.

Step 2. Sew the lengths together until you have well over enough to fit your bib. You need that extra bit because when you start cutting and sewing you end up with a smaller sized fabric.

Step 3. The fun part. Start cutting out the sewn strips using a rotary cutter (much much easier than scissors). I have not long invested in the cutter and mat and I will never look back, magic. Now you can cut lengths of different widths , then cut squares and triangles from these. If you are not confident with cutting on the diagonal just stick with straight lengths and then when you come to putting the pattern onto the sewn up fabric just put it on an angle.

Step 4. Try and piece it back together to form a rectangle.

Step 5. Place the pattern on and cut out. Also cut out another piece of fabric for the back of the bib. I used teri-toweling.

Step 6. Sew the two pieces together, right sides together, 1/4 in seam. Here is where I added my stamp that I put onto ribbon.

Step 7. Turn inside out and stitch the opening closed. At this point you could quilt the two pieces together. Then put a snap (kindly donated by my good friend Amber who invested in the heavy duty snapper, well worth it) or velcro (I’ve heard that it is also referred to as magic tape, hehe). I prefer the snaps because I find that velcro always sticks to my clothes in the wash, annoying plus damaging.

voila finished.

I would absolutely love to see other peoples creations so please send a picky or link.

Hope you have as much fun creating as I did.


21 thoughts on “Patchwork bib tutorial

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  3. Hi,

    Great tut, thank you.

    Best way to keep velcro from tacking to other things is to put it together on itself (sorry if this is poor English, I am Dutch). Or even use some left over soft strips to cover the harsh part of it Then there will be no stress and pulling on it.

    See you,


    • It was so long ago that I posted that and I have yet to scan it and upload it. My apologies but my scanner is not working so I wont be sending it to you. Hope this does not stop you making them.

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    • Thanks so much Jessica. I might get round to scanning and uploading the pattern for the bib someday. lol. On the to-do list. I am off to look at your page. x Bec

  5. So cute! Seems easy, and I would really like to make some bibs, but I don’t have any of my own to use as a pattern…..Could you send me the pattern. Thanks.

    • Hi Anita. I will get onto scanning and uploading it to this page by friday. Its been so long, rather over due really. Thanks Bec.x

      • Thank you sew much, as I will be waiting for the bib pattern…Since I will be busy at the Mancuso Quilt Show over in Hampton VA in a booth demonstrating Pimoor gems for quilting.

  6. Lovely, thanks for sharing. Did you sew all the pieces together before sewing on to the backing? How do you stop the patchwork pieces from fraying?


  7. Hi,

    I just camr across this bib. If you have it, would you please send me the patteren for this bib.

    Thanks so much,

    • Hi Donna,

      If you scroll down the page there is a link to a pdf pattern. I have highlighted it green so it easier to spot.

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