Button heaven

Amelia and I visited my grandparents place today, we affectionately call them GG (great grandma/pa). My mum liked the nickname so much that she wanted it, unfortunately for her she just has the grand title of Grandma. She had strong hesitation about her given title for she felt that it will make her fill old, she warmed to the name though when Amelia was born. Now its grandma this and grandma that.

So today we had a lovely visit. We went to IKEA in the morning and came home to a very delicious lunch. GG is a wonderful cook and her spinach and feta pie is delicious. Amelia was very adament that she did not want the lunch I prepared for her, she wanted what we were eating (I dont blame her, couscous and mushroom just does not have the appeal factor in comparison to GG’s cooking).

During our time their I was given the opportunity to delve into her Button stash (boy was there heaps of buttons). She claims that she never throws away any clothes without collecting the buttons first, thus explaining the hundreds of buttons sitting before my eyes all in colour coded bags. So in I dug, I was in heaven. I think the only things that came out of my mouth was many oohs and aghs. There were some buttons that had stories behind them and some dating back to my great grandmothers stash. In the end I only grabbed a few handfuls, did not want to be greedy. Besides I am sure that these will last me some time.

A great day. Button heaven.

Mmmmmmm. What can I make now using some of these buttons???????


2 thoughts on “Button heaven

  1. I love the buttons Bec. I know who to call on for that one-off special button to finish my projects.
    Don’t you think that delving into a pile of buttons is one of those ultra sensory things to do. Yum.
    PS.I particularly like the twist tie too 🙂

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