Lined Sleeping Sack Tutorial

Here is the easiest way to make those ultra expensive lined sleeping sacks for next to nothing. Another huge bonus is that there is no bias binding. I am sure that I am not alone when I say that putting on binding is a pain. Of the few times I have attempted I have spent more time unpicking than on the entire project. Thus if I can get away without doing it I will.

The pattern was drafted from a well known brand on the market and is for ages between 6 to 18 months. The only thing changed is the length. I have used flannel and muslin because we are heading into summer here but you can use other fabrics such as polar fleece, terri-toweling or cotton. It all depends on the temperature you are battling against.

The tutorial also contains how to put in a hidden zip and to do a french seam. 

Sleeping sacks are a great invention, I highly recommend them. I hope that the tutorial is really easy to follow but if anyone has any problem please let me know.

Download the pattern and tutorial from here Bias free lined sleeping bag.


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