A great day.

Yesterday Amelia and I had the pleasure of spending the day with our best friends Amber and Giles during their holiday at their beach shack. Amelia and I set off in the morning for  the drive, armed with toys, drawing tools and children’s music CD’s. We had a pretty good drive, Amelia amused herself for most of the time, and I sung her songs for the remainder.

We arrived with Giles asleep and Amelia ready for a play. Then once Giles awoke it was time for Amelia to have her morning nap. Luckily for Giles she was not asleep for very long and soon they were having a splash in the pool.

The two of them have such a great time playing together. They are only one but they do interact in play that is not side by side. They love to chase each other and at one stage they were chasing each other around a chair, stop have a laugh and then around again, very cute. They also had a great time with a box of choccy wrappers. Amber said that it only took them a couple of hours to eat the chocolate but it has provided days of entertainment for Giles. Amelia would pick up the wrappers put them in the box or give them to Giles, this happened for quite some time.

As the day progressed and the sun lost its bite we headed down to the beach and played in the sand. Amelia loves chucking the sand in the air (thus sand was found in every knook and cranny of her body) whilst Giles was having some quiet time by himself wandering around.


We had such a great day, it was a shame that it came to an end. Late in the evening I packed up Amelia (Still going strong with only a total of an hour sleep for the day) put her in the car and headed home. With only 5 minutes to go before we arrived home she fell asleep. All in all a fantastic day and we look forward to doing it again some time soon.

Thanks Amber and Giles.


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