This is soooo cute

If you thought the pencil case or boxy pouch were cute then set your eyes upon this.

This ultra sweet make-up pouch with folded in base is a must for the christmas stocking. This one has a 8 inch zip and is approximately 5 inch wide is just big enough for a few things, be that make-up, phone or camera. It would be really simple to make larger, depending on the zip length and enlarging the patchwork panel on the front and back. The bottom is produced by folding in the base fabric to come in line with the bottom panel and sewing up the edges. Binding is then layed over the seam to give it a clean finish. Apart from the patchwork the assembling of the pouch can be done in very short time.I will certainly be making this one again and if people are interested I can post the tutorial.

Now I have one christmas present finished I am off to make some more. These I will be posting closer to christmas.


2 thoughts on “This is soooo cute

  1. Beautiful work yet again Bec! Your site seems to becoming more and more popular and well known. You know you should think about selling some stuff…even start at the markets?!!?! Your Mellebug stamp / tag could become famous!!!! Keep posting, I love seeing how clever you are xxx

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