Weekend at Grammys.

Last weekend  Amelia and I went and stayed with my parents up at their hobby farm. We visit often and we have a lovely time getting back to nature. Amelia particularily loves the  hop-hops (kangaroos) that visit every day, more so at dusk, and spending time with her grammy.  As for I spending time up there gives me the opportunity to sew, sew and more sewing. I get much done and I also love using my mums machine. I am in heaven with her newest addition, I like the fact that it cuts the thread with a press of the button. Who would have thought that such a small thing brings great happiness to the avid sewer. I have also been introduced to the quarter inch sewing foot, amazing!!! My machine is merely an infant in comparison to mums grand pooba which is why I try and get as much into the weekend as possible.

So this weekend involved making more make-up cases for crissy presents (I am currently working on the tutorial for these) and a little outfit for Amelia’s little dolly. She is not too fussed with the doll just yet but she soon will, she has no choice, I will be making many more dolly clothes and all things girlie. I am in my element.


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