Busy Busy!!!

I have been so busy of late that I have not had the time to sit and write a post. The lead up to chrissy is taking its toll as I try to get things made before D day (or is that C day!). I thought I would do the right thing and make all my pressies this year, great idea if I started six months ago, but nevertheless I will succeed in my quest and all will be merry on the day.

Well actually merry on two days. Yesterday we had my mums family christmas lunch because some members will be absent on the C-day. Thus for this reason I had to have some of the presents made early, on top of that I had to have a present for my grandmas birthday. I thought I would share with you her present, an apron (or she likes to call it a pinny). It was my first attempt and I love it. I will certainly make some more.

I simply took the pattern from a butcher’s apron, doubled it to make it reversible and put binding all around the edges. Binding you say, yes! This was my first major binding attempt and I have to say that once I learnt the best way to put it on it really is kinda easy.

I finished the apron with big pockets in the front, again with binding around the edges.

Using the same fabric I also made another very cute make up bag for my secret santa mothers day dinner. Our group decided that us mums deserve receiving christmas gifts because the kids will get spoilt enough on the day. Thats right, bugger the kids, we need spoiling some times. I will endevour to post a tutorial for the make-up case but my sources tell me that it wont happen really till after christmas. As for the other presents I have made and still in the process of making, again you will have to wait.


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