Pencil Rolls and smelly things

Ahh! A time of rest. The rushing of completing christmas presents are over for another year and my poor machine has been mightly lonesome since the big day. I have to admit that I have boycotted sewing, temporarily of course because now is the countdown to complete some new baby gifts for my sister in-laws who are both due at the end of January. For one of them I am in the process of making a patchwork quilt, this one being my first to design (very proud of it so far) and thinking of making some bibs, softies and possibly burp cloths.  A little overboard but lets see how we go.

So what about the things that I made for christmas presents. The first are pencil rolls that I made for my nieces and a cousin (all girls).

From sewing

So I made these pencil rolls with their initials on the outside and closed them with hat elastic and a big button (easier for little fingers). One was made for 24 pencils and the others 12 pencils. They are a little fiddly to make but worth it. My 11 year old niece (who got the big one) was amazed at her present and is looking forward to using in her high school art classes.

For all the oldies of the family I put together little hampers with home-made biscuits, dried fruit that I made with my dehydrator (a fantastic appliance), and pot pourri sachets.

I dried an enormous amount of lavender and rose petals, added some clover, cinnamon and cardamon. Put a few sprinkles of lavender oil and added orris root which is used in preserving the smell for a longer period of time. A little tricky to find but I just contacted a local herb specialist and was able to pick some up. In keeping with the homemade theme I painted some calico and sewed them up to made the sachets. I had grandiose plans in putting a ribbon and button on the edge so people can hang them up but I ran out of time.

I am a little sad that I did not take a picture of my hamper, I am even sader that I did not take a picture of the bag that I made for my mum. What was I thinking!!! Nevermind, may have to take a picture when I visit next.

For Amelia’s bestest buddy Giles I just bought some bond t-shirts and sewed BUD on one of them.

Isnt he adorable with his little bonnet on.  I made Amelia a similar shirt saying BUG. Its amazing to see how much these kind of shirts are in the store, you look at paying over 30 dollars (aus) in the shops whereas if you make at home, perhaps 6 dollars.

My family had a great christmas and we look forward to a great year ahead. Perhaps a new addition to the family????? I will keep you posted.


2 thoughts on “Pencil Rolls and smelly things

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  2. Wow, this pencil roll is simply gorgeous! From the color-coordinated fabrics to the monogrammed exterior… a truly lovely project!

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