Who would have thought?

Who would have thought that a button and some elastic relieves morning sickness. Excuse me I here you say, how?

Here it is…..

You simply make a reasonably tight band of elastic and then sew a round button on. Then place it about 3 finger widths down from the wrist with the button on the inside of the arm. The button is needed to sit between the two tendons of the forearm. The reason for this is because running in between the tendons is  a nerve, when pressure is applied to the nerve it allieves the nausa messages to the brain. It works just like acupuncture but a much cheaper version.

I only made it yesterday so I cant be too positive just yet but so far I have felt soooo much better, the nausea is certainly much more managable. One could say its simply a placebo effect but when you feel like crap most of the day and this may in fact make you feel better I would go for it.

The only problem I have had so far is making it tight enough to apply pressure but not to cause too much indentation on the skin. I think using elastic its simply unavoidable. Perhaps using stretch fabric may be better but all I have been doing to rotating the arms. I have to admit though that when it is on my right arm I feel even better.

As you can guess from this post I am pregnant. My happy family is expanding to four in August. A little scared at the prospect of having to look after two children but excited also. I will feel much happier though when the morning sickness goes, cross fingers.


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