Very Cute Felted Purse

I am so excited about learning how to felt. My good friend Amber and I were meant to go to a felt craft session at the library before christmas, we both thought that it was making christmas decorations using felt. For this reason I thought I would pass on going so Amber ending up going by herself. What a bad decision on my behalf. Yes it was making christmas decorations using felt but it was also about how to make the felt you were going to use. Excitedly Amber went and bought all that is needed and came over to show me.

I really wanted to make a felt purse that can fit my cards and some cash, so Amber made a plastic insert to work the wool around and this is what we came up with.

The whole thing is one piece with a 5 inch zip hand sewn at the top. When making the felted shape around a plastic insert it infact makes two purses because you cut it in half. Its a little hard to imagine but I am sure Amber will soon put up a tutorial on her blog Craftymammas on the technique she has learnt. She has made some other lovely things so its a very versatile craft. Its a little time consuming but the end product is very much worth it.

This particular purse is for my sister in-laws birthday and I made myself one from the other half. We are both looking forward to spending another day together and making some more things. I think all the girls in my family will be recieving a felted purse for their birthdays this year.

I love it!!! 


One thought on “Very Cute Felted Purse

  1. I will post as soon as my camera will turn on again (hmm, doesn’t seem to like being dropped on it’s lens) so I can download the photos. I’m off tomorrow to get some more tips from someone who did a 2-day felting course. I hope to come home with the start to this years advent calender (yup, after last years rush jobs, I’m starting early) and perhaps some more softies.

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