Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi!!!

Its custom on Australia day weekend to pack the family up and head towards the beach for some sun and surf. Then you chuck in the barbi and some beer (not me of course, what with being pregnant and all although I am not all that fond of beer to begin with) and you have a very relaxing, sandy, sun burnt legs kinda weekend. It was great!

Here is Amelia with her daddy.

My little family joined another family in Lancelin (two hours north of Perth) for the long weekend. The sun was out (along with the wind) and thankfully it was not that hot. In Perth the weather has been in the mid 30’s for close on two weeks and quite frankly I am hanging out for winter. There is only so much time you can be couped up in airconditioning before it gets a little old. Anyway, enough complaining.

On our very relaxing holiday (the first in perhaps 4 years) we spent time at the beach and the sand dunes where we all had a go on quad bikes, including Amelia.

This is the wee little bike that the young girls ride. This bike was very tame in comparison to the other big beast that was a little hairy to be on the back of. I personally stuck to the little quad, very happy just to putt around. Amelia absolutely loved having a ride and would not get off the bike when it was stationary. Look out Amelia I am positive that within a couple of years your dad will be buying you one (should I start pulling my hair out now with stress?).

Before I go I just wanted to show you this picture.

Because of being in the dunes the sun is really bright and the wind really blows the sand around so Amelia’s dad bought her some sunnies for the trip and the only hat that would stay on her head was the one in the picture. Now you may think it was cruel but it was kinda essential. Doesnt she just look so darn cute though. She was so intrigued with the bikes moving around her that she did not bother taking them off.

Although short we had a great time and look forward to being invited back, I vote lets have Australia day weekends every month. All those in favour?


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