Craftin with Amelia

The time had come to find constructive ways to entertain my daughter, the only question I kept asking myself was what can you do with a 16 month old? So with a little thought and a realisation that what ever we do will only keep her focused for a short period of time I have started coming up with little projects for us to do.

So far we have been baking.

She was very helpful in making sure that the biscuit dough tasted just right as well as making sure that the biscuits were as flat as possible onto the pan.

We had a great time, except that when she had had enough I was the one left cleaning up the mess.  Worth it though.

Another time she also helped me make a quiche by stirring what was in the bowl as I added things.

The next project was painting. I did not have any childrens paint so I thought I would just make some out of cornflour, water and food colouring. She loved it.

Using the cornflour and water was great because it was non-toxic and she did put the paint brush into her mouth a few times (until she thought that it really did not taste very nice) and it was a breeze to clean it up. Out came the hose and she helped clean up her mess this time. The downside is that the colour is not all that vibrant, when it dries its quite powdery and when you wash it off their skin you get a little coloured by the food colouring (does not last long).

Here is Amelia enjoying a rockmelon/kiwi fruit icey pole after she finished painting.

Other things we also do is use crayons/chalk, firm favourites that we use everyday, I have tried pasting using cooked cornflour and water that forms a thick paste and I am interested in getting some stickers to decorate a box that we have made as a bed for her dolly.

If any of you out there have anymore ideas that your little ones have enjoyed doing I would love to know.


One thought on “Craftin with Amelia

  1. Looks like you’ve been having a ball, what a great mumma you are!!
    I had a discussion about activities with toddlers in a forum I’m in, and there were some GREAT ideas thrown around. I have put them in a word doc if you’d like me to email it to you, but here’s a few:
    * fence painting – grab a big house-painting brush and a bucket of water and let her paint the fence (or wall) to her hearts content
    * spaghetti sandbox – instead of sand, cook a few packets of spaghetti, let it cool and throw it in the clam sandbox (if you have one!) – she’ll LOVE it – I have yet to try this one, but think it will be great when I do actually get around to getting a clam sandbox!
    * you can also paint with spaghetti by running it through the paint and then onto the paper.
    * nature walk – go and collect lots of leaves, sticks, flowers in the garden/park – talk about them while you do, and then come back and do a lovely collage with what you collected.
    * Make a cubby house out of chairs and blankets
    * Outside book rug – take a rug outside and read some books to Amelia and her dollies and have a tea party/picnic too while you’re at it!
    * magic playdough – make some playdough but instead of putting the colour through it, place a few drops of colour in the middle, fold the playdough over it and then when Amelia starts playing with the playdough, the colour is revealed like magic!
    * Paper people – draw around your bodies on butchers paper and then decorate!! Might be better for slightly older kids, but she might like seeing her outline and then just sticking things on it!
    * Make some musical instruments out of bottles, pasta, and other containers (you should be able to find some ideas online somewhere!)

    Well there’s a few to get you started… many of these are on the ‘meaning to do’ list in my house!! oops.

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