Amelia loves to paint

I finally succumbed to buying some commercial childrens finger paint. Thought I would try and make it myself, and perhaps in the future I will, but for now I did not have all the ingrediants in the house and it seemed much easier to go buy the paint.

However the point is that regardless whether it is bought or hand made the painting experience is the same and Amelia loves it. The first time I brought it out I taped a large piece of paper (from a roll) to the kitchen table and put some paint into little containers (the next time I put it into a ice cube tray and that was much easier for her to manage). She managed to put most of the paint onto the paper, a little on her but thankfully none in her mouth. Surprised I was.

We put her finished painting up into her bedroom and then the next day she was pointing to it indicating that she wanted to do some more, so out it came. This time I did little drawings and then she tried to colour them in. I believe that this little activity will become a regular occurance along with drawing with crayons.


Amelia is also enjoying playing with play dough. I did try and make some but after awhile in the fridge it became sticky so not the best if you are trying to keep the mess to a minimum. I did buy some but will try another recipe to see if that makes a difference. For now she does not do a great deal with it, enough to keep her occupied for a little while, so once she gets more into it I will start to make some.

Another activity that we are enjoying together is playing dollies. I pulled out my dolls clothes that I used to play with and dress her teddies and dolls. I am looking forward to having tea parties with her, thinking I will get her a teapot set for her birthday.

If you are looking for more ideas on craftin or just playing with your young toddlers check out the list I was sent in the comment section to the post ‘craftin with amelia’. Some great ideas there.


2 thoughts on “Amelia loves to paint

  1. Hahaha such beautiful photos, she looks like she is having such an awesome time…making a mess!!!

    Can’t wait to catch up with you guys in August. If you get a chance, send us some “belly photos”.


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