Sweet little babies.

The two new additions to the family have finally made it, they are both soooo cute. Its hard for me to fathom that I too will have another little squirmy worm in my arms in a couple of months, apart from the growing tummy I dont think about being pregnant all the much.

I only have a picture of the first born Kai (k-i, meaning ocean) who is part Japanese part aussie. He is being cuddled by his grandmother who travelled from Japan to spend time with her new grandson.

He is a little sweetie, not causing too much trouble for his new mummy. Months before his birth I was madly trying to finish his prezzie and because he was supposed to be the second to be born I put that project aside to finish the gift for the other baby, Michael. Kai had other plans and came two weeks early, thus a mad rush to finish his quilt before going to visit the family in the hospital.

 Here is the quilt that I made. I thought that it turned out okay, love the colours and pattern.

I saw a similar design in a magazine and altered it too fit the size that I wanted. The only dilemma I had with making it is that I did not know which colour thread to use when quilting it together. I ended up using white which was the best colour for the front of the quilt, not so much for the back. I also used orange thread around the stars (through my mums insistence).

As for the next baby, Michael, I made something a little different because I was not going to make another quilt. I made some burp cloths using flannel on the back and cotton on top (blue) and I also made a blanket using a knit fabric (orange) on the back and cotton on top. I joined the two together by puting some knots through both sides.

Even though I have finished these projects a few months ago I am yet to get back into any more. Well I lie, I did start to make Amelia a winter growbag, It has been sitting dormant must get back into it. After that I am wanting too make some training pants in an attempt to get Amelia half way potty trained by the time the next bub arrives. Hmmm, lets wait and see about that one. If any one has made or used some bought training pants (i.e blueberry minky) I would love to know how you went.

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