Happy Easter!

I felt a little uneasy as easter came around this year due to the fear of Amelia eating chocolate. She has yet to be given any and I would strongely prefer it that way but I just knew that family members will buy her some (regardless if I said not too) and her little cousins will have easter egg hunts in the garden. I dont want to be the party pooper and say that she cant be involved. She is too smart not to know that there is something tasty inside that golden wrapper, all it takes is her to watch one person do it and she would copy.

 So in an attempt to curb the eating of chocolate I spent the night before decorating blown egg shells, I think these are much better than the chocolate ones.

We put them around the garden in the morning and gave her the basket to carry. The first one she found she thought that it was a ball, thus it went flying and then smashing into the ground. OOhhh goes Amelia as she went to pick up the pieces and put them in her basket. Never mind, lets go on and find some more. So off she goes, ohhing and aghing as she sees one, she thought it to be very exciting. Unfortunately I did not make enough and so soon she was saying more, more, so I proceeded to pinch them back out of the basket and put them out again.

We were suprised at her response to the egg hunt, we did not think that she would understand what to do. How wrong were we. I will certainly be doing that again and perhaps next time I can find some plastic eggs that open and put little treasures inside of them.

In regards to the chocolate issue, we were spared. Her nanny bought her some jelly beans, that I can live with and her little cousins had their easter hunt at their houses thus no choccy eggs. Her uncle bought her a stuffed bunny which she clung to all day and she got lots of kisses and cuddles, just enough to celebrate easter.


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