Warm and Toasty

I told you I was close to finishing the sleeping sack. Just in time too because the weather is beginning to turn.

I am really pleased with this one, more so because I am in love with the fabric. I remember when I first saw it, I had no plans for it but I needed to buy some in case a project came up and of course they always do (I am sure you are nodding in agreement). 

So this particular sleeping sack was made for the coming winter so I put cotton on the outside (only for the cuteness factor) and pink fleece for the lining. I also cut out the pattern (found in my sleeping sack tutorial) slight larger around all the edges so as to fit an 18 month old. I made the front first and quilted the two layers together around the animals. The thickness of the two layers was not quite enough to highlight the quilted animals so for the back I added some wool wadding inbetween the cotton and fleece. The three layers really slipped around so I ended up just quilting the wool to the cotton layer. This was a good move because I was then able to join the shoulders together using my original pattern (can you picture it?? hmmm). Anyway, for something different and because of the quilted layers I put bias binding around the sides and bottom. Once I discovered how to actually put bias binding on I conclude that it is not that hard, perhaps more a little time consuming because of the hand sewing but certainly worth the finish.

With the wool wadding Amelia will certainly be warm and toasty this winter, particularly because she sleeps predominantly on her stomach (lucky hey!). There is certainly enough room in the chest for her and her size is slightly above average for her age, so by slightly enlarging the original pattern you can get another size out of it

(Amelia is modelling it whilst watching Pingu, her favourite, she had just been playing with some stamps hence the ink marks all over her face and hands).


3 thoughts on “Warm and Toasty

  1. Still working hard I see Bec! Amelia is getting so big now, and I guess you are too hey???
    Caught up with Lari last week, good to see her! Hope you guys are well. Bring on August!!!! xxx

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