Happy Birthday Amber!

My very good friend Amber is turning, no I wont say, happy birthday too you today!

I was a little late at getting a present made because silly me never looks at the following month on the calender before the end of the previous month comes round (does that make sense). As I lifted it from March to April I was shocked to see that not only was my mother in-laws birthday at the start of April but then Amber’s was not far behind. Following hers is my partners and then my mums, what a busy month. 

Then there was the dilemma of what to make. I wanted to make something that she had not seen or made herself but would also find useful. With my own sewing experience (which is not all that long) I had always longed for a thread catcher. For the life of me I do not know why I had not either bought or made something sooner but like most things that are made they are for other people. I had seen that Amber did not also have a thread catcher so I came up with this little number.

There are quite a few thread catcher tutorials out there but the ones that I saw required sand and did not have a little pocket for the thread snippers (which by the way are the best invention). They also did not slide under the sewing machine which stops it from falling off. So off to the drawing board and before long the plan of attack was mapped out. It was really quite simple to make and I think I will make a tutorial for it because A. I want one and B. I was having a little browse earlier and saw that sew,mama,sew is having a tutorial contest for the month of April. I am a little disappointed that it was not last month because I could have submitted the Barbie Doll dress tutorial (which I think is kinda cool) but nevermind, now I just have to make another thread catcher to make up a tutorial and I think I will also make the tutorial for the other prezzie I made for Amber which is a snug file cover for her patterns/tutorials.


I thought about covering an entire file which would have of resulted in buying a glue gun (yippee!!) but I thought it may have been too tricky going over the folds. So I came up with this which means that it can be put onto any folder, although the length of the file has to be the same or bigger and it was so damn easy to make that ever sewer should have one. My file looks so bleak in comparison so I will most definantly be making myself one, hence another tutorial for the competition.

So happy birthday Amber, I hope that you enjoy your day and the little lime meringues I made for our morning tea.




2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Amber!

  1. Yes…Happy Birthday Amber! Bec you are sooooo clever!! I never knew such a thing existed!! I’m starting one for myself TODAY!! Good luck in the comp, if you indeed enter. EVERY sewer needs one of these!!

  2. A fantastic inspiration yet again Bec! I just love seeing what you come up with, and this is fantastic!! I look forward to seeing your tutorial and maybe having a go at one myself 🙂

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