Present from Grandma.

I thought I would share with you the cardigan/Kimono my mum has knitted for Amelia this winter, It is certainly very cute. We have yet to have some really cold days and because the kimono is quite thick we have not worn it yet. If anyone is interested I will get a hold of the details of the pattern because I think its a very cute new age knitting project that if anyone who has knitting skills will enjoy making. I myself can only knit scarves so I am just leaving the knitting of jumpers to my mum.  When Amelia was born my mum was going through some patterns that she already had and personally I was not that partial on the older style of knitting for babies/toddlers so she went out and bought some other pattern books and this was amongst them. There is some very sweet patterns out there at the moment.


On the topic of presents, a friend of mine has just had a little girl so I thought I would make another softie from the book I was given at christmas time. Its called Mamma bear and I am in two minds about whether I like the finished project. My partner thinks I should put a trunk on it and make it into an elephant, my thought is what would he know, but it was enough for me to think about whether I will give as a present. I think I will, I am sure she will appreciate it.

Its a very easy pattern that instead of enlarging I just copied out and cut an extra 1/4 inch around the pattern. I think its certainly big enough and does not need to be any bigger for a little one to cuddle. The book has certainly paid for itself even after only making three of the softies so far. I have another friend that is due just before me so I think I will also make another softie as a baby gift. I will have to get onto that soon because I am finding that in the evenings I am just too tired and uninspired to sew, its getting me a little down.



3 thoughts on “Present from Grandma.

  1. Love the Kimono, I think it is such so smart and yet girly. Besides, Amelia looks adorable in it. and the red colour is sure to brighten up the cold grey days 🙂

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