New Jacket for Amelia

This little project has been in the pipeline for a long time. Last year I saw the pattern and had to buy it although it was only for sizes 2 and up, a big size two that is. Its a very cute jacket but it is still huge on Amelia so hopefully we will see two seasons.

As yet we still have not had weather that requires thick clothing so poor Amelia had to try it on when it was quite warm, hence the fact she was undoing the zip minutes after putting it on. 

The pattern is Burda 9676.

I think I like the outcome but not so happy on working with coral fleece. It is a real b…. to sew with. I vow to only work with cotton in future it is certainly so much easier and nicer to sew with. As for the pattern it was really easy to make but there is so many pieces to cut out that it took just as long to sew up as it was to cut out the pattern.  Next time I will attempt the jacket that is not patched.

I thought I would add a little picture of Amelia, me and expecting number 3 enjoying the afternoon sun. The weather has been so beautiful.


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