Is that really a nappy bag?

What do you think?


I know that there is some time to go but I wanted to get this project finished before I become to uncomfortable to sit and sew. I have memories of being an oversized watermelon with Amelia and found it difficult to sit for even short periods of time, probably because Amelia ended up being a 10 pounder, ouch! Dont cringe to much I ended up having a ceaser and plan on having another one.

So back to the bag. It is infact a nappy bag that will hopefully carry both the new bubba’s things, Amelia’s things and mine, mmmm…. I had a search around the net and found very little in the way of tutorials on nappy bags yet found heaps on people making Amy Butlers nappy bag. I liked the bag but wanted more of a smaller, hard bottom bag that had loads of pockets. So off to the drawing board and came up with this little number. Unfortunately I did not make a tutorial becuause I was making so many changes as I went along that I gave up taking photos. If I was to make again I will certainly write one up.

Apart from the numerous changes I made (mainly because I did not get the dimensions right to begin with) I am pleased with the end result. Love the fabrics and the endless pockets but not so keen on the depth of the bag. To do over again I would make shorter and wider.

So lets have a look at inside.

On either side there are two main pockets that will house nappies and baby stuff and on one side there is a hidden zip in one of the pockets that will contain my stuff. I also included a mobile phone pocket up the top, some loops to clip my keys onto and on the base I made a slip to insert a hard plastic bottom. To finish off I made some pouches to keep the nappies, wipes, change mat and baggies in, one for Amelias stuff and the other for the babies.

The fold over pouch will hold 3 small nappies and a change mat on the other side and slips into one of the back pockets. The other is for either one of Amelia’s nappies or in the future, knickers.

The good thing about having these pouches seperate to the bag is that I can remove them and take individually or put into another bag, handy.

It was reasonably simple to make so I encourage you to get your thinking caps on and generate your own, it really is possible.

On another note I would like to thank all those who have visited my site since its generation. I was over the moon when my stats reached 10 thousand hits. Not sure if thats a significant amount but I am certainly happy at the thought that there are people out there visiting and looking at my stuff. I really enjoy my hobby of sewing and like to share it with others, so thankyou again.



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