Fabric Galore

A few weeks back I went into spotlight for something and came out with meters and meters of fabric that hardly put a dent in my wallet. In excitment I called my friend Amber and later that evening we headed back out to have another look. A look, no, to buy more and more I did buy. Why because over the course of a couple of hours they had put out a new range of bolt ends. I could not resist.

For some reason spotlight was having a bolt end sale ranging from $2 to $5 a bolt end. Now, one that I picked up had about 10 meters still left on the roll, bargoooon!!! So in total I must have bought about 50 meters of fabric for around $40 dollars. I could not believe my luck.

Here they all are….

Now what to do with all this fabric……

In an attempt to get all (or most of) my christmas presents sewn before the baby comes I decided that I would have a go at making a childs couch for Amelia (a mcall pattern I picked up last year in which I am nearly finished), aprons and pyjama pants for my nieces and perhaps some dress shirts for my nephews. Am I crazy to think that I will get it all done, hmmmmm… We will have to wait and see.

On another exciting note last year I ordered Amy Butler’s In-Stitches and only last week was told that it was ready to pick up. It has taken since november last year for the book shop to get it in.

I must not have been in too much of a rush because I wasnt desperate to get my hands on it. The main reason I bought the book (which has many lovely different patterns) was for the lounge pants (aka pyjama pants) and I thought that because I was pregnant I was going to have to wait untill after to make any but I could not resist. In just a couple of hours I had the largest pattern made and looking at the next piece of fabric in which to make some more. The large size is not overly big so I think they will be fine for when I get back to my normal weight (about 20 kilos less) and I also used elastic rather than drawstrings making it a little more comfortable. I left the back open so that I can access the elastic and smallen when the time comes.

They are really comfortable and low in the crouch (perfect to sit under the belly) and I call these my pregnant pants more because I was very absent minded when it came to cutting out the fabric and cut the hearts upside down except for one front panel. Luckily barely noticeable but I wont forget about it in a hurry.

Looking forward to making the next pair, think they will be great for the hospital. Here are next meters of fabric that will become some Amy Butler lounge pants. The blue fabric with the birds is what Amber and I picked up just after I ordered the book. The cotton is beautiful and soft and we think the pattern will really suit pyjama pants.

 I think the pink fabric will end up being a gift for one of my female family members. I plan on giving them all pyjama pants for their next birthdays, easy peasy presents. The book is worth the buy just for the pyjama pants alone.


4 thoughts on “Fabric Galore

  1. Oh Bec, you must be in heaven!! I looooovvvveeee fabric…. maybe I should go back into Spotlight and look for some fabric for me, not just my nappies… I did buy a couple of skirt patterns to try and whip up (I’m so new to dressmaking!) in time for spring, so I *do* need fabric for them!
    I look forward to seeing what you make from them all!

  2. Hahaha, heaven is a spotlight store? Oh Bec…I will be so glad to see you when I get home. Not long now, you clever little chicken! Loving the baby bump by the way!

  3. Don’t you just hate when you make pant legs upside down?! I was making baby pants out of old shirts of mine that were headed for Goodwill when I decided I could use the fabric rather than donate it. They look fine except the little pocket on the shirt (which was supposed to end up as the pocket on the butt of the pants) ended up upside down! Oops!

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