Amelia’s new pretty box

Amelia is right into what she affectionately calls ‘pretties’, so necklaces, bracelets and everthing ‘bling’ is referred to as a pretty.

In an attempt to keep these pretties contained I decided to get a paper mache box and get her to paint it. It was a very short and sweet activity but she enjoyed it.

Here is the finished product.



3 thoughts on “Amelia’s new pretty box

  1. aww cute. I love your wood stove 🙂 We have one but it’s not operational so have pulled it out. You can still get parts for them! so one day may get it repaired.

  2. Just wanted to de-lurk and tell you how much I enjoy your blog. I have the In Stitches book, too, and have been wanting to make the lounge pants!

    Your thread catcher tute looks awesome. I’ll have to make one for my new machine.

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