A gift for the little ones

Our playgroup is expanding with 5 mums having new little ones coming over the next nine months. One of these adorable angels arrived Wednesday and I am in line next with my little man entering the world in August.

So with all these new babies comes baby presents needing to be thought of and made. But the question is what to get someone who has already got most of their baby things and be it something that can be made reasonably easily. Hmmmmmm. Thinking caps are on and my thoughts are leaning towards making the same thing for everyone, easy. I doubt that will happen but its my back-up plan if need be.

So here is my first gift, the Fish Mobile.

I pretty much copied the idea from one of my mums patchwork magazines because I really thought it was cute. The fabric used in the mag was much nicer but I had a real hard time finding anything that was of similar resemblance. In saying that I still think it turned out great and pleased with the results. So much so I have to make myself one also.

The whole thing was pretty simple to draw up and put together. A little fiddly when it came to attaching the ribbons and dangly fish but you learn from your mistakes and amend for next time. One tip I will give if you are keen to give it a go is to attach the ribbon on the front of the jelly fish first with a bit of sticky tape and then sew down. Then when you attach the back curl up the ribbon in the middle and stick down with tape. Another tip is to stuff and put the eyes onto the little fish after you have attached to the big fish and jelly fish.

A very cute addition to anyones nursery.


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