Underwater mobile

In the rare time that I have to just surf the craft pages and baby stuff I came across a picture of a underwater pram mobile that I thought I could replicate for my expecting little man.


Amelia was desperate to get into the pram even though it was laid down in newborn mode, so cute, even she thinks they are great.


Each piece is made from felt and then embellished with thread. One of them has a squeaky inside, some have bells and the two fish have some cellophone mixed with the wadding. So even though its for the pram they can be seperated and used individually with added stimulating sounds.

They are really simple to draw up and make, good for the project sitting in front of the telly in the evenings. They are finished with added texture and then sewn up with ribbon inserted as the loop.


I am really pleased with the end product and have just used elastic cord to attatch them to the pram. Another great idea for a present to give a newborn.


4 thoughts on “Underwater mobile

  1. Hi! Just found your blog through Whipup! I am enjoying reading it! Are you in New Zealand or Australia? I went to the same spotlight sale as you i think! AND i went back the next day for more! I will visit your blog again some time!

  2. Will have to use ‘cellophone’ to stuff mine when I get around to it. 🙂 They are super cute. We’ll have to hunt down some wool felt huh?

  3. I love your blog! I am going to make the soft pouch for my new camera.
    I just had a boy in May and can’t wait to see what crafty things you come up with for boys!

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