My biggest project yet.

With only a few weeks to go before our little boy enters the world I am madly trying to complete a list I had written to finish before the birth. One big project that I wanted finished is a couch that I had started many months ago, what a nightmare. It is certainly not a project that is completed over a couple of days and possibly because I have been working on it for so long I am a little over it.

I bought the McCall pattern a long time ago and because it cost me a pretty penny I decided that I better use it. I also really wanted to get Amelia a little couch but did not want to buy one of those fold out seats that have dora or barbie splade all across it, not my cuppa tea.

Its a fairly easy pattern to knock up but when it came to stuffing it the pattern asked for 7 kilos of fiber fill, OMG! To purchase that much fill would cost around $100 dollars. I then sourced out foam and that was going to cost even more. The last option was to use beans, a total of $20 dollars and I didnt even use all of the beans. Luckily the pattern also comes with pillow form inserts that are joined together in which you insert the foam/beans allowing the cover to be removed to be washed.I am reasonably happy with the results, the beans move around a bit along with the cover so it needs to be repositioned often (which is what most bean bags are like). In the picture it looks like the cover is snug but what ever stuffing option taken I dont think that it actually does.


Anyway enough gabbing, here it is.

Amelia's teddy called Flo is very comfy


The fabric chosen came from my score at Spotlight, very lucky that they all match. I also used old sheeting for the pillow forms so I spent very little in the way of fabric but overall, apart from the labour the couch still cost around $50 aus. I keep telling myself that its unique and much better than the ones in the shop. Amelia also likes it so thats the main thing.


So very happy to be able to cross this project off my list, unfortunately I still have a few jobs still needing to be completed (cleaning and stocking the freezer are the major ones). In saying this I still find extra little sewing/knitting things to make so stay tuned I have a few more posts to give before the baby comes.

Just because she is so cute


2 thoughts on “My biggest project yet.

  1. Awwww yes she is cute! And glad to see you finished the couch, it looks great! I would love a pic of Amelia actually sitting in it, although the teddy looks very comfortable!

    Hope you’re doing well, look forward to seeing you soon, big mamma!


  2. I’ve seen the couch in action and Amelia sure loves it. Very suitable for lounging across!! Congrats for finishing the project, I know how much of a battle its been at times (particularly wrestling with bags of beans by your lonesome, ha ha ha!)

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