Reversible newborn mittens tutorial

This is it! My sewing machine is going into temporary retirement until after the baby is born. These mittens are my last project that I wanted to get finished and I am glad that I attempted to make them. I think they are absolutely gorgeous so I thought that I would share it around because there is nothing really out there in the way of newborn mitten tutorials.

These cuties are incredibly easy to make, another perfect gift to make an expecting mum. They are also great because the long cuffs will hopefully (cross fingers) keep the mittens on and that they are also reversible.

Mittens in reverse modelled by Amelia's dolly Mekha



Pattern: The pattern that I provided is a little too small. They are easy peasy to draw up by looking at the pictures.

Small amount or ribbing material, flannel and cotton.

(Excuse the pictures, I used a different camera thus equals fuzzy)

  1. Cut out 2 pieces of ribbing cuff making sure the stretch is along the direction of the 3 1/4 inch side (vertical).
  2. Cut out 4 pieces of the hand pattern, two flannel for the lining and 2 for the cotton outer lining.
  3. Iron up a quarter inch on the base of the hand pattern that is going to be your lining. This is edge will be hand sewn to the cuff. In my case its the blue cotton animal material (it was not until later that I thought I should have hand sewn the lining on not the outer layer, nevermind, my hand sewing is pretty clean).
  4. Sew a quarter inch around the circlular edge of the hand pattern, for both outer and inner lining.
  5. Fold out the ribbing cuff and sew along the long edge (see picture)

6. Fold the cuff in half so that the raw edges are inside.

7. Turn the outer layer right side out and slip it into the cuff so that all of the three raw edges meet. Pin in place and with a little fidling sew around the edge. Pull out the hand part.

8. Turn the inner lining inside out and slip over the attatched outer layer to where the seam is with the cuff. Hand sew the inner lining to the cuff.

I have yet to put the mittens onto a baby so in some ways I am not sure that they will actually fit. Its very hard to picture how tiny their hands actually are but in comparison to the bought ones (in regards to the size of the hand) they are very similar in size. The pattern was also designed with the possible size of my baby which will most likely be about 10 pounds (if going by the size of Amelia when she was born, they say that the second one is bigger).

The pattern is very easily adapted to any size, whether newborn prem or even older babies.


5 thoughts on “Reversible newborn mittens tutorial

  1. SUCH a good idea!!!! My kids have all been “scratchers”!(They were all desperate to suck their fingers!)

    The only mittens i could find were these little white cotton ones, that, while being fine for the first couple of weeks, were useless after that! These look like they would stay on so well!

  2. Cute as Bec. I will have to save this tutorial for future… not likely any more babies in this family, but these would make a lovely gift (esp to match my nappies!)

    Not long now!!??

  3. I love this tutorial, but can you give the measurement of the ribbing rectangle? I donot see the pattern here?


    • Hi Carol,
      When I made these they ended up being slightly too small. I can see that the rectangle width is 3 1/4 inch wide but I have no recal on the length, sorry.
      It was near on 3 years ago that I made them so my apologies.

  4. Thank you for responding and thanks for the orginal post. It is fantastic. When I make them I will post my results. I am making them for a friend of my son who just had a baby!

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