Baby Beanie

With the baby being born during winter I thought that whilst smooching in front of the telly at night I could attempt to knit some beanies for the baby. The only problem that I encountered is that apart from making scarves and knitted squares I had not attempted anything that required double pointed kneedles or circular kneedles. So after much surfing I found a pattern that only required two needles and was adaptable to be made smaller or even larger.

The pattern can be found HERE.

These are the two that I have made so far and plan to make more in the future for gifts.

They look rather small but gosh do they stretch. The bigger of the two (light blue) can fit a 10 inch head up to a 17 inch head, thats stretchy.

The light blue one is made to the pattern but is possibly a little to long so I stitched up the bottom. For the red and navy beanie I cast on only 80 stitches (instead of 90) and made the ribbed band only 3 inches in width rather than 4 inches. I am attempting to make Amelia a pink one so I have casted on 110 stitches and will make the band 5 inches wide, hopefully it will fit her 19 inch knoggin. Hopefully she will actually wear it…..

I plan to take some nicer pics of the beanies when the baby comes (only a week and a half to go).

Just to end this post I wanted to show you another pattern that I found that is ultra cute and plan to (at some stage) make some.

2 Birds

Pattern from Spool Sewing

The Birdie mobile pattern can be found HERE.

Oh so cute…


One thought on “Baby Beanie

  1. I used the same pattern and my boy loves to play with it. I don’t even know where all my birds are anymore. LOL! I have to make some more I guess!

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