Birdies for the baby

I will say it again, I absolutely love these.

I am still planning on making many more but these little ones are for my little man that will be coming in less than two days now.


2 thoughts on “Birdies for the baby

  1. They look fantastic. Who could tell there is a little skull & crossbones in there!!
    I can’t wait till the wee man’s arrival. And you do not look like a beached whale…….

  2. The 2nd post by you that I just viewed is your birdies for the baby. I am so inspired and wish I could be in your shoes again. I love your birdies and want to make them for my next grandchild due Sep. ’09. At first glance I thought your birds were made of wood but, now all the scraps of fabric I saved will be blowing in the wind. I want to learn to knit a cute baby hat, too. Thanks so much.

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