Our new little man

He is finally here, all five fingers and toes.

Jack David entered the world on the 13th of August weighing a mere 3.7 kg (I was so sure he was going to be as big as his sister who was a whopper at 4.5 kg). The poor little thing was a little man handled with the forceps and received a black eye but apart from that he was of perfect health.

After a relaxing week stay in the hospital (I encourage all to stay as long as possible particularly if you have little ones at home) I came home to a very excited Amelia who has suprisingly been very happy with the new presence in mummies arms. I was worried that she was going to be upset because every time I picked up another persons baby she would freak, luckily it didnt happen. She has smothered him in kisses and cuddles and is fascinated with how Jack gets booby milk.

We are all doing well (a little sleep deprived) and slowly getting used to caring for two little ones. Thankfully Amelia and Jacks dad has been fantastic and has helped to no end. I am not sure when you will be hearing from me next because I dont think I will be doing an awful lot of sewing but I will not be gone forever.


6 thoughts on “Our new little man

  1. Your children are beautiful. We will miss your frequent posting but you are going to be really busy with your lovely family for a while. Enjoy your little ones!

  2. Soooo cute!!! Adorable!!! Beatiful!!!
    Sure, you’re blessing with the best God present: this adorable baby…
    Enjoy with your two littles…!!!

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