Gone but not forever (i hope)

Its been too long since my last post, having two young ones can do that to you. There is certainly not enough hours in the day to look at getting my machine out so I am yet to make anything since the birth of Jack.

We are all coming along. Jack is now 4 1/2 months old and since 6 weeks of age he has numerous colds which has led us to the childrens hospital in the beginning. He ended up having some respiratory virus which can be quite dangerous in littlies but he was a trooper and recovered (slightly before the next cold).

I do have a few projects on the go, particularly for christmas and I am partially through a babies quilt for my girlfriends new little arrival due at the start of January (aghhh!). I dont know when I will get around to working on it but I know I will get it done. Its only my third quilt I have ever made and the one I have chosen is a little more trickier.

So ciao for now and I will be back some time next year.

My angels.

From family
From family
From family

3 thoughts on “Gone but not forever (i hope)

  1. Hi there, I just wanted to drop you a quick thanks for providing the internet with your funky pencil case tutorial. I made 3 of them for Christmas presents and they were all greatly received.

    So, thanks again.

    Kind Regards & Good Wishes for 2009

    Nicola x

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