I am still here.

Who would have thought that having a second child would leave you little to no time to sew, silly me. No, I would not have it any other way but gosh by the end of the day I have no energy to haul the machine out and whip up something. I cant get over reading other peoples blogs who have 6 kids and still manage to regularly sew and blog. Perhaps its just me, hmmm…

Enough of that, I want to show you a few little things that I have been working on. The first being a big achievement and that is of a quilt for my friends new little baby, Tilly Eva.

From Sewing 2
From Sewing 2

I am really pleased with the result but I must confess that my mum had a hand in it aswell. She did all the quilting because a. I could not find the time to finish it and b. she has a dual feeder on her sewing machine and boy what a difference that makes to the finishing of the quilt.

Hope that little Tilly enjoys rolling around on it.

The second little project I have to show is my child version of Amy Butlers lounge pants, soooo cute.

From Sewing 2
From Sewing 2

I really like making things that only take a short period of time to finish. I have made Amelia a few pants for winter and thought that if I modified the pattern slightly you could turn them into lounge pants. All I did was make a straight line from the end of the crutch down to the cuff, easy peasy. The fabric I used was from the huge bargins I picked up from spotlight ages ago, it really suits being pyjamas.

And lastly I the other project being of my now 6 month old little man (gosh time flies). Jack is a little monster, the size of a ten month old in both height and weight. He is yet to crawl but prefers to be standing than on his tummy. He has been great in trying new foods and is always smiling. His big sister adores him and its heart warming when you watch the two of them interact, she is truely a great sister to him and loves him dearly.

From Sewing 2

My next thought in what to make is perhaps a toy caddy for the car. We are moving house that is a bit of a distance from friends and family so the car needs to be equipped with things to do. Lets hope that the house we find will have enough room to leave my machine out. Cross fingers for a sewing room.

Till next time…..


3 thoughts on “I am still here.

  1. Hi Rebecca, from time to time I follow your sweet (in every sense) blog. Your children are wonderful! And don’t be hard on yourself, you make beautiful things in your spare time!
    Again congratulations for the babies!

  2. making a quilt with two kids to care for is a huge achievement! and those lounge pants are so cute. I hope you get a dedicated sewing room, it’s so much easier to get stuff done when everything is already set up and you can squeeze a few minutes in here and there

  3. Hi Bec, its been so long since I’ve visted your blog – as I have 3 kids and started working and there went my blog-surfing time!! Ha! I’m now a SAHM again and am scouring blogs and the net for sewing tutes!!
    Gosh, Jack is a beautiful baby. You are a great mum, sew when you can.
    Lots of love.
    Nat 🙂

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