Its been too long…….

It has certainly been a long time since my last post, way too long infact. There are so many reasons to this so I wont bore you with details but I am back and will hope to continue posting.

Here we all are (minus dad) now living in our new home. We moved in about 3 months ago and are loving it. We have so much more space and I have my own little sewing nook, yippeee! Soon after moving in we found a really cheap sewing horn cabinet which holds your machines and a few bits and bots in a neat little desk, thus hiding it from wee little fingers. Amelia is now at the age that she understands not play with my stuff unless I am around whereas Jack is into everything.

So with the ability to get out the machine and put it away really easily I have been getting back into the swing of things. I have made the kids pj’s for summer, a few dresses for Amelia and dress up skirts for the little girls in my family.

I have also been making a few other things in an attempt to sell them either online or via a store in Fremantle in which my sister in-law works at. I have been making a few softies, appliqued bibs and zipped purses.



I particularly liked this little linen purse, tre cute.

More softies to add to the craze of softies


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