Book Holder For Edie

My sweet little niece is having a birthday at the end of this month and like always I try and make all the children in my family a hand made present. Thus with a little hint from her mum I came up with this very handy book holder that hangs of the frame of a bed.

From Sewing 2

It is a super easy project that I completed during a couple of hours Jack was asleep. It was so infact easy that I had to make another for my kids. Now I think why on earth did I not make one earlier seeing as though our books are always left either on the floor or on the spare bed.

From Sewing 2

I thought I would share with you quickly how I made them.

  1. Cut out two contrasting fabrics 31 inch x 26 inch.
  2. Cut out 4 or more straps 9 inch x 5 inch
  3. If using cotton for both contrasting fabrics you need to iron on medium interfacing to one side.
  4. 4 buttons.

Firstly make the straps by folding them in half (good sides together) and sew one short edge and the long edge. Turn inside out. I also sewed a 1/4 inch band around each strap.

From Sewing 2

With the contrasting fabrics, good sides together, pin along one of 31 inch sides. Sew a 1/2 inch seam. On the opposite side pin the four straps so that they lay on the good sides of the holder (next time I would put a strap in the middle as its where there is alot of pull from the books). Lay the other side over the straps and sew a 1/2 inch seam. When going over each strap I sewed back and forth a few times to add strength.

From Sewing 2

Fold up the bottom 10 inches and pin. Sew along both sides and sew a line in the middle of the caddie. When sewing these I sewed back and forth at the start and at the end of each seam to add extra strength.

From Sewing 2
From Sewing 2

Sew binding onto either side.

From Sewing 2

Sew button holes onto the straps and then the buttons. Easy Peasy…..

From Sewing 2

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