Have you heard of a cowl???

Why had I not heard of a cowl before.

Love it, Love it.

Now I can do basic knit, knit in a straight line and a few knitting stitches so prior to this I have not been overly adventurous with tackling anything more than a scarf.  Well a cowl is kinda like a scarf but with a few more skills going with it. I learned what a provisional stitch is, also a kitchener and how to do cable. Thank goodness for the internet thou, I shows you all and everything there is too knitting in either pictures or utube.

So here it is.

From craft

The pattern comes from here, a burberry inspired cowl that looks a little daunting to start with but once you understand all the terms its really pretty easy. I made this one a little long thus the use of the button to fold it in a little but I think I like it better this way.

Love it, Love it.

From craft


You have to give it a try, a certainly must have this coming winter. Currently working on the second….

From craft

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