Gosh time flies.

It has been sooo long since I last posted which is probably what I said last time. My problem is that I discovered ebay! Has anyone else experienced this? So now I shop online and also have taken to sell things either from around the house or clothes from the salvo stores. Doing this has provided me with a little pocket money for my craftin. Oh how I love my craftin!!

I may have not been posting all my projects but I have certainly been busy. Here are most of the things I have made since last time…


This is the quilt I made for my brothers new little daughter, Sophie. They did not know what they were having so I had to go unisex colours. I was really disappointed at the fabric selection at spotlight so the fabric is not very babish but they do say that babies like geometric shapes and colours. I got the idea from here for the Crazy Nine Patch which was super easy to sew up.  A real effective quilt without the tedious work involved.

Next up is a knitted spiral cowl, the pattern came from here. I tell you what, it did challenge my knitting skills which were only basic but after a lot of unravelling I finally got it and here it is.

This gorgeous wool I picked up at the Good Sammies so I have no idea what it is, I think wool, but its lovely and soft and has great colour.

Eventually someones birthday pops up and I am back to the sewing machine trying to make them a present. Up next was my mother in-laws and mums birthdays. For my mother in-law I made a fabric shopping bag which unfortunately I did not take a photo but the link for it is here.  This led me to make something similar more for my mum but I wanted to use a thin, light weight fabric that rolls up into something small.  So I copied the pattern from a woolworths bag that you can purchase quite cheaply from the shop but certainly not very appealing in colour and came up with this.

I wanted to be able to roll up each bag and put both into a little pocket to keep them together. So I attached the pocket  onto one of the bags so the pocket does not get lost and then they are held in tight with velcro.


Cute and practical. If I get to making any more I will try and make up a tutorial.

Next up is what I am working on now and will certainly be working on for a long time to come. Its the go old granny square rug. I decided that I needed to give crochet a go and I had always wanted to make a blanket. My mum made one when she was a teenager and she still has it so in some way I want something I can give to my daughter. I have no idea at how many I need to make but I have made a start and have made about 20.

I like the fact that I can make one in a short period of time and feel like I finished something but gosh my fingers need conditioning as I am getting cramps from holding the tension. I suppose I will get used to it.

So from me for now goodbye, happy knitting, crocheting, sewing and craftin.

Mellebug getting lovin from both sides (our little terrier is giving her a kiss).


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