Mobile Phone Pouches

About a week ago my hubby bought me a new phone, a little reluctant at first as I was very attatched to my 6 year old motorola, but slowly warmed to the magic of touch phones. My first immediate thought when receiving my gift was ohhh what pouch could I make for this.

Well after making one and thinking this is really cute I thought why not try and sell some. So far I have made 14 pouches in 4 different sizes.  The largest accomodating an iphone or the latest Sony Ericsson, down to a very wee one that fits a Nokia 7510.

All of the pouches are made from 100% cotton and are lined with wool batting. Wool you say! Yeah, had a bit left over from a quilt so there was a reason to why I thought I would hang on to it. They have a strap that wraps around the front of the pouch and then is fastened by velcro at the back.

Anyway here is a sneak at some of them.

My favourite is the ones made from Japanese fabric that came from my mums scraps of a quilt she is making.

This one is also particularly cute with a little quilting to highlight the butterfly.

One for the boys

Loving the buttons.


One thought on “Mobile Phone Pouches

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