My new Summer LoungeWear range

I have been so busy on my sewing machine of late that I have been neglecting putting any updates on the blog. My biggest news that happened about a month ago is that I have starting selling my wares through a lovely lady at Millaruby designs I dropped off a number  of things last week and unfortunately forgot to photograph any of them, some gorgeous reversible and adjustable hats for both boys and girls, sweet elephants and giraffe softies and these super cute handpainted sheep that have a little squeaker in them.

So here are some of the lounge wear that I have been working on and finished yesterday. They come in three sizes,1 2/3 and 3/4. The cotton shorts all have a cute detailed cuff and are paired with a cotton singlet or raglan shirt. These are just perfect to lounge around in the coming summer months so be quick, they are unique and limited in colours. All of these will be available at my MADEIT store or you can contact me directly at

There are more to come so I will be keeping you posted.  Keep your eye out for the hats because they are not only cute they will last you a long time as they can be adjusted to fit a toddlers head up to a 7 year old (depending on their head size).

Till then…..


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