Perfect gift for the fellas

Here are some of the finished dinosaurs that I have been working on.

I then decided that for each set of four little friends I could make a tote bag to hold them. My son loves putting things into his little bags and carrying them around. He never leaves the house without some toys in his bag.

All of these are available now at Millaruby Designs and they are selling for $25. They wont last long so hurry up and head over there.

Also available are some more great hats that are reversible and adjustable. I have now two sizes available ages 1-5 and 5-10, with the plan of making an adults version.

I have made a great bib, softie and onesie set that would be a fantastic present for a new mum. Seems like a winner so I will be making more of these.

And lastly I have attempted in making a pinny for Amelia. I saw this little girl wearing a dress I liked and thought that I could have a go at trying to make a pattern. Well after a few goes I ended up with this.

Absolutely loooove the fabric. Pleased with how it turned out, not sure if I would make more thou. I attempted at trying to make it in a size 2 for up coming birthdays but it was a bit of a disaster. Think I will stick to already made patterns in the future.


4 thoughts on “Perfect gift for the fellas

    • Thanks for the comment! The fabric was purchased at spotlight for $12m so I doubt it is marimekko but I could be wrong. They look very similar thou.

  1. Hi Rebecca! Helen showed me your blog. I work at the dentist and I am interested in the sunhats for children. Helen told me I could contact you directly. Do you sell them directly or would you prefer I go through the website? If you can email me, that would be great. Thanks!

    You are so creative! I love all the things you’ve created!


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