Boo Boo Bear

Here is my latest creation, the BOO BOO Bears.

These cute little bears do exactly what there name suggests, for boo boo’s. They are hot or cold packs made from Lupins. The lupin seed works exactly in the same manner as wheat but it so much better in a number of ways. Lupins are 30% lighter, they retain the heat twice as long, they are more resistent to moisture allowing for the cover to be sponged cleaned and lupins are less allergenic than wheat.

With a quick minute in the microwave your wee one  has a nice warm little friend to snuggle up to when they are unwell or just to keep warm with in the cooler months. They can also be placed in the freezer and be used as a cold pack with it being cold enough but not too cold.

I am selling these at MILLARUBY Designs and they will be taken to this coming Subiaco Market 31st October at the University of Western Australia. If you are in the area pop on buy and have a look at them because my camera skills do not do justice to these cuties.

If you miss out, never fear. I will be making several more of these in the coming weeks and Caddie at Millaruby will be well stocked for the next craft fair, Little Feets Festival on the 14th November located at Edith Cowan University Joondalup.


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